Hey Folks, Enjoying the weather? Chris is hard at work keeping the patio swept, servers are busy both upstairs and in the basement and the beer is flowing. That also means that at 1pm this afternoon #PlinyTheYounger will be flowing as well. We still have tickets available as of 12:15pm, but we have no idea how much longer they will last. Yesterday they were all gone by 12:30, but today is a bit slower due to the weather. And don’t forget Chris has something else from Russian River lined up for whenever the Younger blows.

So brave the snow and GET YOUNGER, but be safe out there ok?


UPDATE: Pliny Has Left The Building for 2013. It was an awesome run, today people got 2 and 3 PTY’s for braving the snow. Hope you had as much fun as we did, see you in 2014!