Pliny the Younger Update:


Russian River’s Pliny the Younger (PtY) is one of the Beer World’s most anticipated releases. Here’s some of the basics:

-It is brewed only ONCE each year

-It is released AT THE RUSSIAN RIVER PUB on the 1st Friday in February (That’s Feb. 1st this year).

- It is NEVER bottled

-Distributors for outside markets can pick up from the brewery starting the Monday/Tuesday AFTER the Pub release date (that would be Feb. 4/5). When will our distributor pick it up? I don’t know. That would depend on when they need beer & when Russian River has other beer for our local Distributor to pick up besides their allocation of PtY.

-Between Santa Rosa, CA & Denver, CO is 1300 miles of driving (18hrs +) & some mountain passes known for poor weather. With good weather it is 3 days of commercial driving (unless driving with a team). When the Beer arrives in Denver it must be unloaded from the truck, entered in inventory & invoiced before being delivered to the Bars it has been allocated to.

- Once I know when it will arrive at my distributor, I will post something on the web site which will then go out to Twitter & Facebook (if I receive the info while out running errands it will be put out on Twitter first, that’s the easiest till I get back to the bar, I’ll be using the hashtag #PlinytheYounger for further updates). When the Beer is PHYSICALLY IN MY POSSESSION, I will release the dates/times of the tappings (ie I don’t want to put out bad info since people will drive & fly in from great distances for these releases & I take that effort & expenditure VERY seriously)

-PLEASE do not call the bar asking for information. The staff doesn’t know anything further than what’s posted on this, our website. It’s really difficult for the bartenders to serve customers & take To Go orders when the phone is constantly tied up with folks wanting to know when we’re Tapping PtY.

- On the Tapping days we will issue tickets to purchase PtY as people arrive, If you get a ticket, you’re getting a beer so you can chill out, sit down, get something to eat & maybe a warm-up beer before we tap into the Main Attraction for the day. You don’t have to stand in line for hours without anything to drink. It makes for a relatively civilized experience, hey, we’ve learned .

-Remember, it’s Beer & it’s supposed to bring you pleasure. Relax, Chill, Don’t forget to enjoy the day, find some beer to discover that you haven’t already had or maybe revisit one of your favorites. Meet some new people. Smile, you’re about to get something really special.

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