Going through the cellar and cooler we have found some lonely bottles. The last of their kind, the last of that year, some really special ones Chris is willing to share, you know how it goes. In order to make room for more and new beers, we’re going to host our whenwegetaroundtoitorfindthemall Vintage Beer Sale and sell off these beers.

There will be a list posted on giant whiteboards in the bar. It will list the beer, year, what the price was, and what we will be selling them for now. Oh, and quantity. Most of these are 2-3 bottles, but some of the more vintage are only 1 bottle. Come early, place your order with the servers or bartenders, and hope you got there first. We fill the orders as they come in, and Chris will be updating the board as we pull bottles so it will be as current as possible.

This event will be held Saturday January 24th and Sunday January 25th from noon until 5pm.

Just remember per Colorado law, YOU MUST DRINK THE BEER ON SITE! You are not allowed to purchase these to take home.