January 24 and 25, noon-5pm both days.


Beers must be consumed on-site (thank you Colorado State Law)

Order by NUMBER, which will be posted on the handouts and the tally boards

Keep an eye on the tally boards: Chris and Beth will be updating the quantities there, so you’ll know when something runs out. Don’t forget, a lot of these are single bottles!

Be kind to the staff and others, if someone has the last bottle you wanted, maybe they’ll split it with you if you aren’t a jerk. It happens a lot more often then you think.


Teaser list. This is only a partial listing, very tempting, and does not include prices or quantities.

A Le Coq Imperial Double Stout 2003 11.2oz

Alaskan Smoked Porter   2003      22oz

Avery Beast         2009      12oz

Avery Czar           2003      22oz

Avery Mephistopheles Batch #1   2006      12oz

Avery Samaels    2005      12oz

Bridgeport Old Knucklehead         1997      12oz

Bristol Old #23   2009      12oz

Fifty/Fifty Eclipse Corn (gold wax)              2012      22oz

Fifty/Fifty Eclipse Old Fitzgerald (blue wax)             2012      22oz

Fifty/Fifty Eclipse Rye (green wax)              2012      22oz

Full Sail Black Gold Imperial Stout               2006      22oz

Full Sail Old Boardhead   2003      22oz

Gale’s Prized Old Ale        1999      11.2oz

Gouden Carolus Cuvée de Emperor Blue   2007      750ml

Lost Abbey Angel’s Share               2008      750ml

Lost Abbey Ten Commandments 2008      750ml

Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Cognac          2012      11.2oz

North Coast Old Stock     2001      12oz

Odell Curmudgeons Nip  2006      12oz

Odell Woodcut #2            2009      750ml

Port  Santa’s Little Helper              2010      22oz

Rogue Old Crustacean     2006      750ml

Saint Arnold’s Bishops Barrel #5   2013      12oz

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot     2004      12oz

Sierra Nevada Russian River BRUX             2012      22oz

Stone 8th Anniversary     2004      22oz

Stone Imperial Russian Stout        2004      22oz

Stone Vertical Epic (6 Consecutive Years)

Thomas Hardy’s 2004      9.4oz

Victory Old Horizontal Barleywine              2011      12oz