Freemont Ye Olde Centaur Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine 2021


Bourbon Barrel aged Barleywine. Wax Dipped 22oz bottle

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*Special Tribute Beer. The Only place to buy this beer in Colorado is Falling Rock*

A Tribute to Matt Bonney, Publican, the Toronado - Seattle

From the folks at Freemont:

This is our tribute to Matt Bonney, our fallen brother from another mother! Our lover of his wife, Lynn, Vans shoes, Cigars, Beer, Clutch, Scotch, Jeeps, and Centaurs. Bonney helped shape the beer community here in Seattle, was wise beyond his Earth years, an inspiration to many, the glue that brought so many together for so many years and so many beers and left us all too soon. What better beer than a Barleywine. We brewed this beer soon after Matt left us with a group of friends and aged in barrels that bring elements of the Man, the Myth, the Legend to liquid form. For those of you that knew him, there are Peat Barrels - he had an affinity for Cigars and Peaty Scotch- Jack Daniels Barrels, let’s just say three fingers worth in a bucket, and ex-bourbon vanilla bean barrels which reminds us of what his Jeep smelled like. Matt would have liked a Viking Funeral, one where flaming arrows are shot at his boat as he floated out to sea and the Great Beyond. So turn the music up, light something on fire and drink up, Matt would want it to be no other way.


Down and Dirty: Maris Otter Pale, Triticale Munich, Crystal, Dark Crystal, and Cherrywood Smoked malts. Nothern Brewer Hops. Alcohol - Plenty.


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Ye Olde Centaur will be donated to the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) on behalf of the Bonney Family. Learn more about NORD and their mission at


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