• jolly_pumpkin

    Jolly Pumpkin Tapping 10/5

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    Our first Brewery event of the year kicks off at 3pm on Wednesday, October 5. Jolly Pumpkin brings kegs of



    and Forgotten Tales of the Lost Gypsy S1 V2

    for your enjoyment!!

  • ShortsStar

    Shorts Brewing and Starcut Ciders Tapping 10/5

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    We’re thrilled to be celebrating the GABF with Shorts Brewing and their Starcut Ciders! For this special tapping Wednesday, 10/5 @9pm we will have

    Huma Lupa Licious

    Soft Parade

    Melt My Brain

    Dan’s Pink Skirt

    Spruce Pilsner

    And from Starcut,



    and Phuzz

  • MelvinBanner

    IPA All Star Showdown 10/5

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    Courtesy of Melvin Brewing, this is the Ultimate IPA Showdown for GABF 2016! 10 East Coast IPAs face off against 10 West Coast IPAs in our Trailer Park Bar Wednesday, 10/5 from 9:30pm – 1am. Brewers and Reps will be on hand to answer questions and celebrate.

    East Coast:
    Lawson’s- Sip of Sunshine/ 8% ABV, 65 IBU
    Maine Beer Co- Lunch/ 7% ABV, 62 IBU
    Two Roads- Two Juicy/ 8.1% ABV, 60 IBU
    Kane- Head High/ 6.5% ABV, 80 IBU
    Carton- East Coast DIPA/ 8% ABV, 80 IBU
    New England Beer Co- G Bot/ 8.8% 85 IBU
    Single Cut- Bon Bon 2xTNT/ 8.2%, 140 IBU
    3 Floyds- Dreadnaught/ 9.5% ABV, 100 IBU
    Wicked Weed- Juiceless/ 7.7% ABV, 65 IBU
    Creature Comforts- Tropicalia/ 6.5% ABV, 65 IBU

    West Coast:
    Fort George/Barley Brown/Melvin- 3 Way IPA/ 7.4% ABV, 65 IBU
    Beachwood- Amalgamator/ 7.1% ABV, 100 IBU
    Societe- The Pupil/ 7.7% ABV, 80 IBU
    Faction- Hop Soup/ 8.5% ABV, 75 IBU
    Breakside- Back to the Future/ 6.6% ABV, 55 IBU
    Crux- Gimme Mo/ 6.2% ABV, 50 IBU
    Boneyard- Notorious/ 11.8% ABV, 80 IBU
    La Cumbre- Project Dank/ 7.6% ABV, 100 IBU
    Cannonball Creek- Project Alpha 10/ 7.2% ABV, 70 IBU
    Comrade- Superdamp/ 7% ABV, 100 IBU

  • full sail

    Full Sail Tapping 10/5

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    Full Sail is back Wednesday, 10/5 @10pm with Fresh Hops and a something special to warm you up!

    8lb Pale Fresh Hop Ale

    Imperial Bourbon Stout

    Vintage Imperial Bourbon Stout (Black Gold!!)

  • Nebraska

    Nebraska Brewing Tapping 10/5

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    Nebraska is bringing some special things to Colorado for GABF this year. We’ll be winding up off our Wednesday night (11pm tapping time) with

    Attack of the 50′ Brunette

    Sexy Betty

    Tart Saison

    Melange a Trois

    and their brand new Pilsner

  • Odell-Brewing-Crown

    Odell Tapping 10/6

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    One of our local favorites, Odell starts off Thursday 10/6 at NOON with some new releases!

    Jolly Russian

    Crossover Sour Blonde

    Dr. Rich’s Mahogany Ale

  • Boulder Beer

    Boulder Beer Tapping 10/6

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    Boulder Beer always brings us something special for GABF and this year is no exception! Perfect for a lunch break beer….

    Manguilla – A mango infused IPA aged in tequilla barrels. 6.5%, 52 IBUs

  • Bristol

    Bristol Brewing Tapping 10/6

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    We’ve had a long relationship with Bristol Brewing, and a love affair with their Winter Warlock Oatmeal Stout. So when the chance came last winter to make a special Barrel-Aged Warlock, we had to take it!! A few kegs were stockpiled away so we could share one with you this special week. We’ll tap into these gems Thursday 10/6 @2pm!

    Barrel-Aged Winter Warlock

    World Peace Death Ray IPA

  • Rogue

    Rogue Tapping 10/6

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    Rogue Brewing has dug in their cellar for a special beer to celebrate all of the years we’ve worked together during GABF (and the rest of the year…) On Thursday 10/6 @3pm we’ll tap into some hops and some malts:

    8 Hop IPA

    2012 Old Crustacean!!

  • Green Flash

    Green Flash Tapping 10/6

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    The folks at Green Flash have sent us some really awesome stuff for GABF this year (well, they do every year but still) Fan Favorites and New Gems are on the menu out at the Trailer Park Bar Thursday 10/6 @9:30pm. Reps will be round to answer questions and enjoy a few pints with you.

    Blanc Tart Barrique

    Palate Wrecker

    Devine Belgique


  • alaskan-brewing-color-mountain-logo

    Alaskan Brewing Tapping 10/6

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    A celebration of Vintage and New Beers are the theme of this tapping Thursday 10/6 @10pm. We’ve had a few beers in our cellar for just such an occasion.

    25th Anniversay – Perseverance Russian Imperial Stout

    30th Anniversary – Perseverance Russian Imperial Stout

    Smoked Porter 2010

    Smoked Porter 2012

    Smoked Porter 2014

  • Alpine_Logo

    Alpine Tapping 10/6

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    Get ready for Hops!! Alpine has brought some of there very best to be tapped out in our Trailer Park Bar on Thursday 10/6 @10:30pm.


    Pure Hoppiness


    Willy Vanilly

  • stone

    Stone Brewing Tapping 10/6

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    There’s more to Stone than Arrogant Bastards and Ruination. Like these tasty treats set to tap @11pm Thursday 10/6!

    Foudre-Aged Imperial Saison

    Barrel-Aged Saison with Blackberry

    Cali-Belgique IPA aged in Reposado Tequila Barrels

    Cali-Belgique IPA aged in White Wine Barrels

  • Blvd-Ommegang

    Boulevard/Ommegang Tapping 10/7

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    These two breweries offer up some unique beers for your Friday 10/7  Lunch Hour @1pm!

    Boulevard Vintage Saison Brett (Chris is pulling this one from his cellar)

    Boulevard Tasting Room Series: Rosemary IPA

    Boulevard Rye on Rye X: Sazerac

    Ommegang Rosetta Kriek

    Ommegang Motueka Hennepin

  • Lagunitas-Logo6

    Lagunitas Tapping

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    Super excited for these beers! Lagunitas is known for wild and crazy, and this is quite the mix! Friday, 10/7 @2pm

    Sonoma Sour Wheat aged in Pinot barrels with Brett

    Willet Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

    Sucks 366 (Special Dry Hop Edition)

  • TRiNiTY

    TRiNiTY Tapping 10/7

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    These two beers are the perfect Colorado Celebration of beer for a relaxing Friday 10/7 @3pm pregaming for the big weekend.

    2016 Preseidents Club (Red Swingline aged on Palisade Peaches and Apricots)

    2016 Koelorado Currant (only time it will be made)

  • CSAlogwithTagline

    CSA Showcase 10/7

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    Crooked Stave has brought in some of the smaller, newer, and crazier breweries for GABF. This showcase Friday 10/7 @9:30pm in our Trailer Park Bar  features a great selection of them:

    Crooked Stave Salvador Cybies

    Half Acre Big Hugs Vanilla Coffee Imperial Stout

    Fonta Flora Human Ruman

    La Cumbre Ryeot on Rye

    Jack’s Abbey Hoponius Union

  • Ecliptic-Brewing-Co.-logo

    Ecliptic Tapping 10/7

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    John Harris will be showing off some of his newest beers Friday night 10/7 @10pm. A nice mix between malty, hoppy and tart, they are all outstanding!

    Carina Peach Sour

    Quasar Pale Ale

    Sprock with Brett

    Oort Imperial Stout

    Orange Giant Barleywine


    Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada Tapping 10/7

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    Sam’s back with his Annual Friday Night Party!! This year he’s bringing friends from Sierra Nevada Brewing to close out the Trailer Park Bar for the evening! Tapping starts at 10:30pm

    From Dogfish Head:

    60 Minute IPA

    120 Minute IPA

    Flesh & Blood IPA


    From Sierra Nevada:

    Life & Limb (The Sierra Nevada/Dogfish Head Collaboration)

    BA Bigfoot

    Audition Tropical IPA

    20th Street Citra

  • world-atlas-of-beer

    IPAs and Global Beers Book Signing 10/8

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    IPAs and Global Beers – A book signing by Stephen Beaumont & Tim Webb, authors of the new, fully revised and expanded second edition of The World Atlas of Beer, and Joshua Bernstein, author of Complete IPA. The signing will be accompanied by the tapping of east and west coast American IPAs and select international beers on the Trailer Park Bar from 4pm-5:30pm (beer details to follow). Tattered Cover will be on hand to sell you copies of these books to be signed if you don’t already have your copies!!

  • avery

    Avery How Bi-Czar 10/8

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    Nothing pays homage to one of Colorado’s oldest Craft Breweries (and one of our closest friends) like this vertical selection of Czar Russian Imperial Stout from the Cellar of Chris Black. He’s been aging these beauties just for an occasion such as this.

    Details on years to be tapped will be forthcoming…

  • casey-brewing

    Casey Brewing and Blending Tapping 10/8

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    One of the most sought-after breweries in Colorado, Casey Brewing and Blending from Glenwood Springs showcases innovative and exciting uses of 100% CO ingredients. From Oak Theory to the Casey Family Preserves, it is always a treat when Troy brings down a few kegs for us. For this tapping Saturday 10/8 @5pm, we have several to choose from!

  • DESTIHL-Brewery-Logo-Color-jpeg

    Destihl Tapping 10/8

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    Destihl brings a mix of Sour, Wild, Fruity and Hoppy beers to enjoy @6pm post-Saturday-afternoon-session as you ponder all of the medal winners.

    Saint Dekkera Peach Cobbler

    Metallurgy Sour Collection: Pear

    Deadhead Imperial Red IPA

  • Jester King Reverse

    Jester King Tapping 10/8

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    The Brewers from Texas in the Texas Boy’s Bar… The Black Brothers have along history with Austin, TX which makes it all the more fun to have Jester King in the house for our 20th GABF. Saturday 10/8 @9pm, the Offerings from the Lone Star State include

    Space Waves

    Montmorency vs. Balaton

    Atrial Rubicite

    Black Metal

    Le Petite Prince

  • NewBellsLogo_Inspired_web-575x493

    Bell’s Tapping 10/8

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    Kicking off the final night of the Trailer Park is a brewery we’ve been excited to get peeks of here in Colorado. The folks from Bell’s were kind enough to send us some special beers to finish 2016 GABF off right. The 9:30pm tapping in the Lot includes:

    Two Hearted

    TC Whiskey Barrel-Aged Expedition

    Batch 5000


    Larry’s Latest Session IPA

  • firestone-walker-logo

    Firestone Walker Tapping 10/8

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    Barrel Aged, Funky, Refreshing and so complex, Matt Brynildson’s creations for Firestone Walker are an amazing treat after a week of such indulgence. This year’s offerings for their annual Saturday 10pm tapping include




    Lil Opal

  • Epic-Brewing-Logo

    Epic Brewing Tapping 10/8

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    What better way to close out an Epic week of Epic Beers than an Epic tapping on the Epically Awesome Trailer Park Bar? For the Lot’s Final Tapping of the Year, Saturday 10/8 @10:30pm Dave, Kevin and their crew offer up hoppy, tart, juicy, malty, and brand new for your enjoyment:

    Tart & Juicy Sour IPA

    Big Bad Baptist

    Elder Brett

    Oak & Orchard Syrah

    Oak & Orchard Pinot

  • RevolutionBrewingLogo

    Revolution Tapping 10/7

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    The Windy City’s Revolution is Back!! Friday night 10/7 @11:30pm in the Trailer Park Bar we’ll be tapping into

    Mosaic Hero

    Use the Schwarz

    Office Supplies

    Fist City

  • NBB Bike Text logo 4-color

    New Belgium Tapping 10/8

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    For many years, the closing act of Falling Rock’s GABF has also been a true class act. Cheers and many beers to the many many years of working together! Our final tapping of 2016’s GABF Week @11pm: New Belgium’s Foeder Farm Treats and More!

    Love Felix

    Peach Wheatwine

    Love Apple Felix

    Whiskey Fat Back

    Leopold Brothers Rye Porter

    Love Blackberry Oscar

  • SN Harvest

    Sierra Nevada Kill-A-Keg 10/7

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    Once again, the king will be trying his hand at pouring 15.5 gallons of Sierra Nevada’s Northen Hemisphere Harvest WET Hop IPA faster than the keg went last year. For those who don’t know, he did it in 8 minutes 53 seconds in 2015. Let’s see how fast he does it this year!

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