2018 Falling Rock Tap House Pliny the Younger Update & Schedule:
Sorry for the delay, I’ve been talking with the logistics folks at the distributor & they were able to get a truck to pick up a day earlier so we can now release the TENTATIVE dates for this year’s Tappings of Pliny the Younger. We say TENTATIVE because these are based on the truck not encountering any weather or troubles traveling over the Sierra Nevada’s and the Rockies on its way to deliver the beer. If all goes well, the beer should arrive in time to tap on Saturday February 17th, Sunday February 18th & Saturday February 24th. All 3 tappings will be at 1pm.
Doors will open at our usual time of 11am. As people arrive we will be issuing Tickets that allow you to purchase a glass of Pliny the Younger. There will be 2 colors of tickets; if you get the first color, relax, sit down, start a tab, get something to eat & a warm-up beer or two, you are getting a Younger, if you get the second color, well, Maybe. When it comes time to tap Younger, we will start by selling it to all of the folks with the first color; if you are seated & have a tab with a server, you can stay seated because the server will bring it to you. If you don’t have a table line up, no pushing or shoving, and get your beer. Looking at a site for borrowing money online check this out payday advance lenders only.
When we finish serving all the folks with the first color we will do a last call for that color ticket then line up the second color tickets in order (they have numbers written on the back 1-??) & start serving those folks. In order to get a Pliny the Younger you need to be here before we do last call for that color of tickets (usually around 25-30 minutes after we start pouring it) or you lose your chance & we give it to the next person in line. I know it might sound a bit complex, but it’s really simple & has made our Pliny the Younger release days a lot easier, more civilized & less stressful for everyone involved as well as giving more people the opportunity to drink some truly amazing beer. So far, every year all the folks with the second color got a Younger, just saying.
WE CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING A TAB OPEN TO SPEED THIS PROCESS UP!! BETTER YET, PAY CASH! We will not close tabs during the 45-60 minutes it takes to pour the keg because no one wants to get Older while waiting all day for their Younger!
You may know that each year, the owners of Russian River Brewing Company, Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo, organize a breast cancer fundraiser called “All Hopped Up For A Cure”, which has been ongoing the last 12 years. 100% of sales from a special Russian River beer go to a local breast cancer center in their town of Santa Rosa, California. Last year they were able to donate over $100,000 to support the cause. For the 4th year, Elite Brands has chosen to follow in the footsteps of Vinnie and Natalie with the release of “Pliny the Younger”, in what Elite hopes to be our own local, annual fundraiser. They have created this fundraiser to coincide with the release of “Pliny the Younger” to raise money for a local breast cancer center, Sense of Security**, located in Denver.
To help kick-off this amazing fundraising event, Elite Brands is donating their proceeds of the sale of each keg to Sense of Security. On our end, Falling Rock Tap House will be donating $2 for every glass of Pliny the Younger we sell. Don’t forget, we have 3 tappings worth of donations to gather! Please follow the link at the bottom of the post to add you own donation to Sense of Security as well, and help us support those around us in their fight against Breast Cancer.
**Sense of Security’s Mission is to help Colorado breast cancer patients survive financially while they are undergoing breast cancer treatment. Learn more at www.senseofsecurity.org.