It’s that time of year again, time for Pliny the Younger ( #PtY ) from Russian River Brewing! The beer gets released at the breweries in Santa Rosa & Windsor, CA on Friday February 1st 2019.  The beer is available for distributors to pick up starting on the 4th. Generally, the CA distributors pick up first, since they are close & sending their own trucks. Russian River’s distributor here in CO, Elite Brands, needs to pick up the beers on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, so they usually wait till the following Monday to Wednesday to pick up their order. Why do they pick up on Monday-Wednesday? It takes approximately 2-1/2 days for a truck to get from Santa Rosa, CA to Denver, CO (with a bunch of variables to consider like D.O.T. rules for how many hours a driver can drive in a day/week, 2 mountain ranges to drive over in February, etc)  and the distributor wants to make sure that the beer gets to their warehouse by Friday afternoon, so that the beer doesn’t sit on a trailer any longer than necessary (and run any further risks of issues like freezing if the trailer gets dropped in a storage yard over the weekend and isn’t plugged in). So just what does this all mean? IF all of the normal things go as planned, our tapping days SHOULD be Saturday February 16th, Sunday February 17th, & Saturday February 23rd. ALL tappings are at 1pm. The doors to Falling Rock open at 11am. Just like we’ve done every year, we will be giving out tickets at the door for the beer, 1 person=1 ticket. If you wish to leave to go have breakfast/brunch somewhere, just return by 1pm, the tickets become void shortly after we do last call for Younger (usually about 1:20-1:30pm). When you get here & see the long line, just remember, unless the line stretches past the alleyway on 19th, it’s all good. When 1pm rolls around we will start serving the Pliny the Younger, if you are seated at a table, your server will bring it to you, no need to get in line. Just remember, if you get a ticket, there’s enough beer for you to get one so relax. Those that don’t have seats, just get in line at the bar, no need to get excited or rush, it usually takes us about 20-30 minutes to pour through the beer & we will give plenty of notice for last call for tickets. I know it might sound like a lot of rules/steps, but once you get here or have done it before, it’ll all make sense, it’s really simple, we just try to make it so that as many people can get the beer as possible.

Also, for the 4th year in a row, Elite Brands will be donating proceeds from the sale of Pliny the Younger to Sense of Security, a Colorado Non-Profit that assists families that are dealing with breast cancer.  Each glass of PtY sold at Falling Rock will raise $3 for Sense of Security, each of the past 3 years, we have raised $3000/year here at Falling Rock.

As we find out more information, we will post it here on our website, Facebook & Twitter.


The Bartenders & Servers will not know any other information other than what is listed here. When we find out anything different, we will post it here. Calling the bar really ties up the phone line & interferes with our To Go food orders as well as us taking care of the customers we have in the building.