Howdy Folks! Here it is, another big announcement about BBQ this Saturday 5/23! We’re doing things the same as we did a few weeks ago and ask that you follow the directions below to make this as easy as possible for all involved:

This weekend’s special: 1/2 Fush’s Smoked Chicken (1 breast, 1 thigh, 1 wing, 1 drumstick), with homemade potato salad and baked beans. Our beer list is up to date, and we will also have the king’s Margaritas available (check out the description on the beer list for details).

BBQ will be by pre-order only. No changing your order/adding to it on Saturday. You have until 10am on Thursday 5/21 to send in your email, if we have not received it by that time we will not be able to fill it.

You will send an email to with the subject line “BBQ 5/23”. Inside that email, list your order: how many 1/2 Smoked Chicken Specials you want, and how many of which crowlers of beer (you cannot add beers to your order on Saturday). To help, only the items currently on the website will be available for this order (no wings, queso, or grilled cheeses). Also include your first and last name, and a phone number where you can be easily reached. We will be calling you to verify your order, and take a credit card number. Once we’ve confirmed things, we’ll reply to your email with a confirmation and assign you an order number. We’re running the credit cards as we get them, and attaching the receipts to your order. When you arrive on Saturday between 11am and noon, you’ll line up socially distanced to sign your receipt and pick up your order.

Again, no modifying the order after we have confirmed it. If you decide you need more crowlers, you’ll have to get those on Friday, after the BBQ pickup has completed on Saturday, or come back on Sunday! We’re doing this with as few people as possible for safety, but streamlining it as best we can to get you your order as fast as we can. That means cutting out the other food items as well as not taking new orders/filling crowlers from 11am until at least noon on Saturday.

So email your order by 10am on Thursday 5/21, so we have time to pick up the chickens and make sure the beer is stocked. On Saturday between 11 and noon, park in the lot or on the street, wherever you can find room, and keep 6 feet apart as you que up. You’ll come up the stairs along the wall of the patio (no stopping on the stairs!), give the Door Guy your order number so he can radio in to the person inside packing orders, sign your receipt and get your bags from one of the 2 tables Chris will be manning, then exit down the ramp.

Thanks for your support and understanding! Until 10am on Thursday morning, the website will only be showing what is available for your pre-order (we highly recommend looking at the featured beers for some rare bottle options you can add to your collection!). Once the pre-order closes, the website menu will return to its regular setup for Friday’s hours of operation.