Howdy Folks! It’s that time of year where GABF is looming large on the horizon. We’ve put together our list of events and included some of the details as we know them. Still ironing out the last bits of information though so you’ll have to check back to find out more Hope to see you as often as possible during that magical week!

Monday 9/17

5pm – 21st Annual Kick Off Tapping Party: Tapping into 20 treats to celebrate the Beginning of the Fest Week. Includes vintage beers, our Collaboration with Upslope Brewing the Southern Hemisphere Imperial IPA, plus fresh new beers from our friends around the state and country.


Tuesday 9/18

4-6pm in the Parking Lot – Roadhouse Brewery VW Van

5pm – New Image


Wednesday 9/19

3pm – Stone Brewing

4pm – Epic Brewing

9pm – Crooked Stave Distributing’s Showcase

9:30pm in the Parking Lot – Melvin Presents the IPA Showdown

10pm – Cellarmaker

11pm – Jester King


Thursday 9/20

Noon – Deschutes

1pm – Boulder Beer

2pm – Renegade

3pm – Rogue

9:30pm in the Parking Lot – TRVE and J. Wakefield pour beers and take over the sound system.

10pm – Full Sail – The Debut of Atomizer IPA and Pale Ale (with some vintage treats as well!)

11pm – Upland


Friday 9/21

Noon – Sierra Nevada Kill-A-Keg

1pm – Boulevard and Ommegang

2pm – Green Flash and Alpine

3pm – Destihl

9:30pm in the Parking Lot – Dogfish Head Bitch’s Brew Beer and Music: Oak-aged Bitch’s Brew plus 8 other Dogfish Head Beers will be pouring while the Miles Davis Album plays. Special Appearance by the one and only Sam Calagione.

10pm – Ecliptic

11pm – Bells


Saturday 9/22

4pm – Avery

5pm – Casey Brewing and Blending

9pm – Telluride

9:30pm in the Parking Lot – Sour Showcase: 20 beers ranging from tart to funky to full-on mouther puckering!

10pm – Firestone Walker

11pm – New Belgium