Howdy Folks (Good News Post, Not to Worry),

               On our days off, we’ve been attempting to plot out where Falling Rock goes from here. Summer is normally our busy season, with baseball and packed patios that allow us to save up money so we can make it through the next winter. The end of the summer is capped off with a little get together called GABF® Week which also isn’t happening this year. We think we’ve come up with a way to have a little taste of the atmosphere, but done in as responsible of a manner as possible, and following all local guidelines. Introducing FRAFOGB (Falling Rock Alternative Festival Of Great Beer), taking place September 24th-27th 2020 (the original dates for the 2020 GABF®). The FRAFOGB will be a limited seating event that complies with all current guidelines from the state. Tables will be spread out upstairs, downstairs, and out on our patio. Those seated on our patio will have access to vault toilets in the parking lot. Hand sanitizer will be on every table (and yes, if your butt is not in your seat you will be asked to wear your mask!).

              There will be 2 different line ups of 30 beers, each line up will have 2 sessions for a total of 4 sessions. Thursday & Friday (6-10pm) will have line up #1, Saturday & Sunday (noon-4pm) will have line up #2. Each session will have 30, 2oz  beers poured in 6 flights of 5 beers, plus food and snacks (provided as part of the fest). Thursday’s & Friday’s Sessions will have a Pulled Pork sandwich, by our bartender Fush, as the meal. Saturday’s & Sunday’s sessions will have a Fried Chicken sandwich from Royal Rooster.

               Since our permitted seating is limited, we will need to fill every seat to make the numbers work for us. In order to do this we will be selling tables of varying sizes (1,2,4,6, & 8 seats) enabling you to decide on sitting with the people you are comfortable being with.

               We will be pulling out all the stops on our cellar as well as bringing in some tasty treats in order to fill up the 2 line ups with exceptional beers (you know, like we always do), Help us continue the tradition of Falling Rock during Fest Week in this challenging year in a new way, and help us make it through the upcoming Winter Season. Tickets will be $100.00 per person and tables will be priced according to how many seats at the table. Tickets will go on sale next week, stay tuned for more updates.

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