Howdy Folks,

As you have probably heard, Restaurants are allowed to sell alcohol to go as part of their curbside/delivery service during the COVID-19 shutdown. We have not received the official letter so some of this might have to change.

Starting at 11am Saturday March 21st, Falling Rock Taphouse will reopen with limited curbside service. From 11am to 7pm Daily, we will have a limited menu of Food for TOGO ordering as well as a limited offering of Beers (YOU MUST ORDER FOOD WITH YOUR BEER ORDER!). We will list the Menus on our website. TIME TO DUST OFF ALL THOSE OLD GROWLERS HIDING IN YOUR BASEMENT. This stuff came up suddenly and, since we are not usually in the business of selling beer to go, we don’t have cases of growlers sitting around, so you’ll just have to bring your own. As for beer selection, we will work up a list of bottles that we will post on the website, plus we will have a selection of our draught list that will change as we kill kegs. We will be focusing on the most perishable beers (that definitely won’t make it through the shutdown in good shape). So like most days the list will be IPA-heavy. Please no questions about crowlers, not many of those things just lying around, they’re rather expensive, and getting the cans right now is darn near impossible.

When you arrive at the Falling Rock, pull into our spacious 5 car parking lot, and call us at (303) 293-8338 (operators will be standing by), we will take your order, come out to you to get your growler(s), wash and sanitize your growler(s), then lovingly fill them with some of the best beer on the planet, poured through lines that are exceptionally well-maintained by our Crack Line Cleaning Team. This won’t make up for everything, but at least we won’t have to dump 50-60 kegs down the drain in 2 months time. As you are well aware things are tough for all of us, especially in the restaurant industry, We here at Falling Rock are trying to do everything we can to still be here afterwards. Onward!